CORAL Magazine Inhoudsopgave Nov/Dec 2012


Volume 9, Number 6
November / December 2012


  • Rarities by Inken Krause
  • Interview: Coral Talks with Dr. Rio Abdon-Naguit
  • The Origin & Future of Farming Giant Clams by Gerald Heslinga, Ph.D.
  • Waikiki Aquarium’s Giant Clams Mark 30-Year Anniversary by Dr. Bruce Carlson
  • Endangered Giants by Daniel Knop
  • Keeping Giant Clams In The Aquarium by Daniel Knop
  • Forgotten Florida by Matt Pedersen
  • Keeping Zebra Mantis Shrimp Part 1 by Roy L. Caldwell, Ph.D.
  • A Kreisel Tank for Rearing Marine Larvae by Christian Martin


  • A Mud Filter and Lots of Patience: One Path to Success by Kevin Bittroff


  • Species Spotlight: Randall’s Watchman Goby by Daniel Knop
  • Reefkeeping 101: Phosphate binders—how to use them correctly by Daniel Knop; The Two Spot Blenny by Inken Krause
  • Advanced Aquatics: Lessons from the turf wars by J. Charles Delbeek


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