CORAL Magazine Inhoudsopgave Jul/Aug 2012


Volume 9, Number 4
July / August 2012


  • Rarities: Pencil Wrasses (genus Pseudojuloides) by Scott W. Michael
  • Interview: Claude Schuhmacher, LPS Coral Propagator
  • Fireworks on the Reef by Daniel Knop
  • Colorful, More Colorful, Most Colorful – Maintaining Acanthastrea and Scolymia in the reef aquarium by Dr. Dieter Brockmann
  • Back From The Dead: New Hope For Keeping Crinoids — An enthusiastic aquarist revives a dying feather star by Sylvia Weimann
  • Deadly inverts by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D.
  • Cuba’s Underwater Paradise: Los Jardines de la Reina — Part 2: Fabulous mangrove biotopes by Werner Fiedler


  • A Flemish Reef – The aquarium of Rik Aarts by Dietmar Schauer


  • Species Spotlight: The Common Octopus by Daniel Knop
  • Reefkeeping 101: How to prepare and introduce marine substrates by Daniel Knop
  • Advanced Aquatics: Mega Reef Aquariums of the World by J. Charles Delbeek


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