CORAL Magazine Inhoudsopgave Jan/Feb 2012


Volume 9, Number 1
January / Fegruary 2012


  • Rarities: Harlequin Hind, Cephalopholis polleni by Scott W. Michael
  • Viewpoint by Martin A. Moe, Jr.
  • Professional Culture Of Stony Corals by Daniel Knop
  • ORA: Culturing Corals by the Thousands – Marine ornamental aquaculture in Florida by Matt Pedersen
  • Inland Coral Farming – A tour of the facilities of Jürgen Wendel by Daniel Knop
  • The Future of Aquaculture – Creating a greener, sustainable hobby by Morgan Mok
  • Conquering the Breeding Bottleneck – Success with 8 pelagic-spawning species by Matthew L. Wittenrich
  • Rhinopias Redux by Scott W. Michael
  • Solid Polymers for Nutrient Control – A guide to biopellets and “solid carbon” by Murray W. Camp
  • Travel: Blue! Coral Reefs at Moogadali by Professor Ellen Thaler


  • An Aquarium for Helmut by Martin Sebald


  • Species Spotlight: Green Sea Mat by Daniel Knop
  • Reefkeeping 101: Not so cheap equipment by Daniel Knop
  • Sources & Sustainability: Hawai’i debates ban on aquarium collection by Ret Talbot


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